SECO-LARM's line of DC CCTV power supplies is the cost-effective way to power multiple cameras and is perfect for many security system and access control applications including integration with alarms. The power supplies provide an adjustable 12.0~15.1 VDC output for 4, 9 or 16 fused outputs.

1.Individually protected PTC-type or blade-type fused outputs.
2.DC outputs are regulated and filtered.
3.Individual status LED indicator for each output.
4.Main power switch with surge protection.

All models include either individual Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) fused or blade fused outputs and individual status LEDs, as well as surge protection and input fuse to provide the highest level of protection. All models are packaged in the toughest metal enclosure.

1.Includes enclosure, 6-foot power cord, and UL listed transformer.
2.DC models are adjustable from 12.0~15.1 VDC.
3.10"x7-3/4"x3-1/2" (254x196x89 mm) for 4 and 9 output power supplies.
4.12-1/8"x12-1/4"x3-9/16" (308x311x91 mm) (EVP-1SD6P16UL and EVP-1SD6BHULQ)

Model EVP-1SD6P16UL



Supply Current

2 Amp

Max Amp per Channel

1.1 Amp

Input Voltage

110 of 220 VAC

Output Voltage

12.1~15.1 VDC, adjustable

Fuse Type

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient)